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Data Management

kyaen provides a start-to-end solution for all the data management needs of its clients, ranging through :

- Data collection and collation
- Data resolution
- Data analysis
- Data presentation
- Digitization of Data
- Data storage and protection

The Company has perfected systems and procedures that not only enable it to give quality service to its customers but also provide a cost- effective option to a client's outsourcing requirements by constantly
upgrading existing systems in order to meet the client's changing needs. This is almost a continuous process as the client, through outsourcing releases internal resources which add value in different sectors.

Data Confidence

Data confidence at kyaen has two dimensions
- Confidentiality and
- Reliability

Confidentiality of data is maintained through audit and checks of the process to ensure that no data is available to any personnel unless they are working on it. Islanding of the systems ensures that data is not transmissible across groups or outside the approved communication loops.

The second dimension of confidence, reliability, is ensured by our own in-house quality checks and controls. The elaborate back up processes for offsite backup of data ensure that data is available for quick recovery in the remote event of a disaster at the worksite.

Data Storage Systems to enable quick-revival disaster management.

The Company has operational resources to quickly and efficiently meet the expectations of its client. All data is backed up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and kept for 90 days or longer, at a fee, if needed and as desired by the client. The data is stored in a secure off-site location under management control. The Company can store source documents for a limited period after the initial 30 days for a fee or alternatively documents can be handed over to the client. These documents can also be stored in electronic form at client's server or at a nominal cost on the Company's server.

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